Why all the hate?

Friends…with a name like transition offense, it was inevitable that a basketball post would raise it’s head at some point. I did not think it would be this early, but today I have to ask you all, why is there still so much hating on LeBron James?

Don’t get me wrong, if I would have had this post when LeBron made “the decision”, I would have been one of the loudest voices proclaiming how immature, ill-conceived and ridiculous that whole debacle was. But really, is there no statute of limitations? No Mulligan?

Granted, the guy screwed up…terribly! But since then what his been his crime? What exactly has he done wrong? I never hear him speak poorly about the opposition. I never hear him too boastful or proud. He always seems to say the right thing at the right time. He works his behind off.  I would not even have a problem if he were someone my son or daughter wanted to listen to or follow.

So at a time where he has played the best basketball of his career, and is on the cusp of winning his first ring (probably as the finals MVP), can we possibly just ease up on the hating…even a little bit. I am not saying that we need to love the guy, but during a time when we seem to be able to forgive sports figures for animal abuse, adultery, drunk driving and domestic violence, can’t we forgive a guy for making a poor P.R. decision when he was barely a grown up?

If i asked you what he has done that is so horrible since that mistake…what would your answer be? Mine would be “nothing”. And until or unless he does, this sports fan is giving him a clean slate.



Not the kind you find under the couch cushions, but the kind that happens to all of us from time to time. Sometimes it can be something so trivial that we cease to even notice it happened. Sometimes it can be so monumental that it transforms us forever. Change has been around since the beginning of time and nobody is immune to it. But something strange, interesting and extremely important seems to be happening lately. Change…for lack of a better word, is changing.

As I navigate my own personal and professional transitions as a long time Youth Pastor, I have chosen to start this blog to help me wrestle with a concept that has become more and more clear to me over the past few years; that change is happening at an exponentially faster rate than it ever has before. Working in a field that (in my opinion) has been notoriously slow in adapting to change, this has huge ramifications. If we don’t keep up with the almost daily change in the way today’s youth process information, communicate with us (adults) and each other and the way they understand the world around them, we  risk losing a great deal.

My hope is that with this blog,(and hopefully the input of my peers) thoughts, ideas and concepts will be shared about how this rapid change affects they way we teach, mentor and learn from the youth that we care so desperately about.

So please excuse any rookie blog mistakes, feel free to chime in and thnk you for reading!!